Bringing back smile to Children’s faces

Bharat Vikas Parishad Siddharth does exemplary social service.

Medicos explaining the procedure to the parents
Medicos explaining the procedure to the parents

Saharanpur – (9th August) :  Bharat Vikas Parishad Siddharth, Saharanpur arranged surgery for 46 toddlers suffering from cleft lips and palate – a congenital deformity on the face of children.  The surgery, done with the courtesy of Himalayan Research Institute and Hospital, Jolly Grant, Dehradun doesn’t cost anything to the children’s families and even the to and fro journey to the hospital, stay for two-three days, lodging and boarding etc., are met by the Parishad / Hospital.

BVPCleft2015_37It is not the first time that such philanthropic work is done by the BVP Siddharth. It is, in fact, the 4th consecutive year that this activity has been undertaken – tells Tapesh Mamgai, Convenor of the Cleft lips and Palates Camp organised by the Parishad.  Looking for the children in villages and towns of District Saharanpur is not a cakewalk. Various members of the Parishad braved the rains and water clogged roads of villages in search of such children for several weeks and got 51 children registered for the camp.

Anil Madaan, Komal Tandon, Tapesh Mamgai, Sanjeev Bajaj, Rajesh Gupta, Karuna Prakash, Sushant Singhal,  Sheetal Tyagi were spotted at the camp helping the medical team that had come all the way from Jolly Grant to attend the children.