Saharanpur Book Fair – Journalism Workshop

The Saharanpur Dot Com promotes national goal of Skills Enhancement


Saharanpur : 23 Nov 2015 :  The Saharanpur Dot Com has planned a Journalism Workshop to further the national goal of SKILLS ENHANCEMENT among youths so that they would be able to sharpen their writing talents.  The date, time and venue of the workshop is as under:

Date : Friday and Saturday – 4th and 5th Dec. 2015
Time : 12 noon to 2 p.m.
Venue : Saharanpur Book Fair Campus, Gandhi Park Ground, Saharanpur
Convenor : Mr. Pawan Sharma, Chief Editor – Apoorv Udaan.  Previously the Bureau Chief – Dainik Janvani daily.

The main topics to be covered in the 2-days’ workshop are classified into two sections:

  • Print Media – 4th Dec.
  • Electronic Media – 5th Dec.

An attempt would be made to sharpen the following skills which are in need in both forms of media but with some difference in handling:

  1. Selecting an event / idea / concept / phenomenon worth developing into a news
  2. Collecting information from various sources (newspaper archives, library, internet, inquiring from different people, survey, interviews
  3. Analysing the information and putting it in right sequence.
  4. Arranging visuals, if available to add interest and authenticity of the write up
  5. Writing and re-writing a well organised report quoting sources of information
  6. Role of the News desk and news Editor
  7. Special skills
    • Interviewing one to one
    • Attending and participating in a press conference
    • Photography skills

The workshop would be attended by teams of students from various schools and colleges who would be imparted training by senior journalists appearing as trainers who have earned a lot of respect in their long journalistic career.

Journalism Competition (Practical Assignment)

Once the workshop is over, the trainees from each school would work as a team of journalists at the Book Fair – visiting, watching and listening, clicking pictures, asking questions from the members of public, exhibitors, organisors etc., and each team from various schools and colleges would prepare a WALL MAGAZINE / News Letter covering events of the day.  The Wall Magazine / Newsletters would be displayed at the Book Fair and best three Wall Magazines would receive award at the Award Ceremony on 10th Dec. 2015.

The Saharanpur Dot Com, on its part, would encourage the trainee journalists to keep writing and sending reports/news items for publication in even after the fair.  For this, they would be given topics on weekly basis and would be expected to collect views from different sources to write their reports.

The participation in the workshop is FREE of CHARGE.