IHRA brings awareness on Right to Education

Organises Essay Competition on "Right to Education" at Shakumbhari Public School.


ihra05ihra08Saharanpur : 9 September : International Human Rights Association Saharanpur Chapter today organised an Essay Competition in Shakumbhari Public School, Manduwala, Chhutmalpur in which 200+ students participated and wrote about the fundamental right of everyone to receive education.

Talking on the topic, various speakers stressed upon every child’s right of receiving good education and lamented that still lakhs of children are being denied the formal education. Mr. Manjeet Singh Arora, President of IHRA Saharanpur lighted the lamp alongwith Secretary Rohit Jain and Chairman of the School Sushil Rana, Manager Satish Rohila, and Mr. Gagandeep.

Mr. Arora said that there are social causes which make parents send their children to a factory instead of to a school and unless we find solution to these pressing issues, we can’t hope that the parents or even the children would be inclined to opt for a school.  Poverty and excessive number of children in a family are two major contributing factors for this.  In some families, people hold the view that when a child takes birth, he or she not only brings a mouth which has to be fed, but also two hands that earn bread for the family.  With such mindset, they are in a hurry to make their children earning members of the family as soon as possible even at the cost of losing opportunity to receive formal education in a school.

Chairman of the school  thanked IHRA Saharanpur Chapter for taking the pains to organise this event by coming all the way to this village and patronising this institution.   The Principal Shagun Jain presented bouquets to the visiting members of IHRA.