Current Events

The primary objective of The Saharanpur Dot Com is to work as a catalyst for development and improvement of Saharanpur in every possible manner. In order to achieve this aim, we take up various projects in our hand and try to fulfil them with the help of our members and volunteers.

At present, we are taking up the following events in our hands:

Cleaning & Beautification of Saharanpur Railway Station

1st Impression is the Last Impression! Saharanpur Railway Junction is the first contact point with Saharanpur for thousands of people who come to Saharanpur by train. Many of them are here for their employment or business but some disembark merely to get another train for onward journey.  Needless to add that there are thousands of people in each train who pass through Saharanpur station and step down on the railway platform merely to get tea, snacks or water. Thus, Saharanpur Railway Junction becomes the first and sometimes the only introduction of our city for thousands of people each day. A clean, green, smart and beautifully decorated railway station with excellent amenities creates a favourable impression about the city in the minds of thousands and thousands of people each day and night and the travellers mention about it with their friends, colleagues and write about it. On the other hand, a filthy station with absence of facilities is remembered with sorrow.

Therefore, The Saharanpur Dot Com has accepted the responsibility to clean and decorate our Saharanpur Railway Station with the help of our members, volunteers, general public and various organisations. In this project, we shall take up following activities in different phases:

  1. Remove the debris, dirt and filth from the station campus including railway tracks.
  2. painting the walls with motivating messages and patterns.
  3. Installing showcases with representative products of Saharanpur
  4. Placing pictures of tourist attractions at various places including waiting halls, retiring rooms and different platforms.
  5. Putting up useful information for the benefit of travellers at appropriate places.
  6. Getting pledge from people regarding keeping the station campus and trains always neat and clean.

We urge you to enlist yourself as supporter and volunteer in this campaign.

Past Events

Ever since The Saharanpur Dot Com came into existence, it has been our endeavour to provide right direction to the society. We hold the view that Saharanpur can and should be included as a major tourist attraction in northern India. We have all the necessary potential to do so but not the necessary will and drive. Once we accept this challenge and enthusiastically move in the right direction, no goal is too difficult to achieve.

Paondhoi River Rejuvenation

Paondhoi river is a small river in Saharanpur that enters the city from North, flow through the heart of city and empties itself into Dhamola river after a small journey of approx. 5 kilometers. Since it flows through the city, it has got the potential to mar and enhance the beauty of Saharanpur city. It can be a sore point and on the other hand, it can become pride of Saharanpur also. When we started the campaign in 2007 at grass root level, no one except 4 or 5 friends were with us. Since the river had lost its entity long long ago and was being treated as a drain not only by the public but also by the Nagar Palika of Saharanpur, it was an uphill task to change the mindset of people and restore the pristine glory of the river.

The founder of The Saharanpur Dot Com along with his friends, met several people to share the idea of rejuvenation of the river. Help started pouring in. We wanted 3 lakh people of Saharanpur to sign a pledge that they wouldn’t through sold waste or filthy water into the river. M/s. Kamla Trading Company, Moh. Chauntala Street, Saharanpur gave us paper and M/s. Saharanpur Electric Press printed sufficient number of forms of pledge which we used to get the signatures of Saharanpurians. We started visiting various schools during their Assembly sessions, explained the need to rejuvenate the Paondhoi river, convinced the teachers to cooperate by involving their teachers and students in this campaign. We also approached various clubs and societies and requested them to allow us to fetch signatures of their guests and members on the letter of pledge. We made PowerPoint presentations and even a website to spread the message far and wide.

It was a glorious and happy day for us when the then District Magistrate Mr. Alok Kumar, learning about this campaign decided to lend his administrative support to it. In a meeting held on 12 May, 2010 at Collectorate, DM constituted a PAONDHOI BACHAO SAMITI in which 22 members were designated – 11 from various govt. departments and remaining 11 from the public. Sushant Kumar Singhal, being founder of The Saharanpur Dot Com was also designated as Member of the Samiti. He handed over blueprint of action plan conceived by him to the District Magistrate. A massive river cleaning drive was kick started soon under which nearly 1000 truck load of silt was removed from the river bed, mass awareness campaign was taken up, people were encouraged to make septic tanks in their houses instead of flushing the untreated excreta directly into the river. Various schools and colleges; trade bodies like IIA, IMA, SIA; socio-cultural organisations enthusiastically participated in the cleaning and mass awareness campaign which was taken up under the leadership of the then District Magistrate Mr. Alok Kumar.

Forthcoming Events