Be a Volunteer

All of us love our Saharanpur.  Isn’t it?  We also know that our city has got many problems calling for our attention viz.  traffic jams, poor condition of roads, lack of employment opportunities, low level of education at degree college level, dust and dirt laden roads,  illiteracy of a large number of people, power-cuts, no proper public transport system, encroachment of roads, lack of proper and systematic development, absence of beautiful parks, stadia, sports college, malls etc.  If someone falls ill and is serious, doctors of Saharanpur refer the patient to higher centres e.g. Himalayan Medical Institute and Hospital Jolly Grant, PGI Chandigarh or Meerut Medical College even though Saharanpur has got a medical college of its own for almost last two years.

Who is going to tackle these problems?  If we really love our Saharanpur, we are the most suitable person to find good solution to the above problems.  This exactly is what The Saharanpur is trying to do with the help of like-minded people.

Would you like to participate and volunteer your services if we inform you of our projects from time to time?  If yes, join us as a VOLUNTEER today so that we start working together as a team.