Smart Green

14Do you love to decorate your home, your office, factory or school with beautiful plants?  We hope you do!  But do you know which plants are the best for your home, especially if you haven’t got much space in the home?   Do you know which plants will be able to survive if you keep them indoors?  When is the right season for plantation of different species of plants?  Which plants will take away harmful effects of chemicals and paint recently done by you in your office?  How much air, water, sun and manure they need?

243Most of us depend on our gardener for such ‘technical’ information hoping that they know it all and by paying them monthly salary or their charges per visit, we shall be able to maintain our small garden in home or office.  Surely, gardeners accumulate a lot of practical knowledge as to how to take care of different plants but they are unlikely to know which plants are best for your health and for the health of your home and therefore won’t be able to prescribe plants for your home.  And above all, plants are like babies and pets in our home and we enjoy their company, watching them grow, offering flowers and may be fruits and vegetables too!  Half of the fun of having plants in our home is missing if we do nothing for them ourselves and leave everything on the gardener.  We need not be totally ignorant about their needs, their characteristics, their strengths and their weaknesses.

In this column, we shall try to provide some highly useful information to you about the plants which you may opt to have in your home / office / factory or other premises.  What we are not going to do here is the following:

  • We do not sell anything – either plants, medicine or fertilisers.
  • We do not recommend any nursery to buy plants from. It is for you to decide which nursery is most convenient and suitable for you.